The 25 best online games to play today

Here are the best online games to go head-to-head with friends plus strangers alike

Looking for something new to play with your friends? Then you’ve come to the right place, because our list of the best online games are perfect for a little friendly competition plus collaboration. Whether you’re looking for a social space to hang out in or some of the best multiplayer games. To put your skills to the test, there’s something for everyone here.

From fun games for all the family like Among Us to Fortnite to more competitive experiences which will have you arguing over K/D ratios like Halo Infinite plus Call of Duty: Warzone. These really are some of the best online games that you can play today. We also have specific lists on the best co-op games or the best MMORPGs if that’s more your speed. But otherwise keep on reading for our pick of the 25 online games you should play today.

1. League of Legends

There are a few games on this list that could be described as the definitive article– the one example of a genre that stands tall – plus. Nowhere is that truer than with League of Legends. It’s the archetype MOBA, a global beating esport. Plus the inspiration for a whole universe of spin-offs. Pick your champion, pick your lane, pick your poison, plus have at it – you plus your team need to find a way to push through the opposition team to their base. Sounds simple enough, but 13 years of strategy development, of upgrades plus patches. Mean that while League of Legends is as approachable as it’s ever been, the depth of high level competitive play is remarkable.

2. Valheim

Survival games are ten a penny, you can’t move in the Steam store, without treading on another base crafting, resource gathering title. But Valheim stands out from the pack. It nails the basics of the genre plus iterated upon those ideas smartly, plus the resulting early access experience is truly remarkable. Core survival mechanics are all present plus akun for: chopping trees, building your base, getting some food, plus killing nasties. But developer Iron Gate Studios has excelled by making it all simple to grasp, with layers of depth waiting underneath. Beyond the objective of simple survival, Valheim includes boss battles. Making co-operative online play a key focus; get all your vikings as beefy as possible, ready to take on these epic fights.

3. Valorant

League of Legends developer Riot Games has applied its vibrant plus exciting character design. Ethos towards this punishingly precise first-person shooter. The result is a tightly tactical team-based game with a miniscule time to kill. A defined art-style, plus heroes with a whole lot of character. Getting involved with competitive games of Valorant is exhilarating. Plus you’ll need teamwork plus communication to be on point to survive them – rounds of Valorant can often be won or lost by a degree of milliseconds plus millimeters. It isn’t the most approachable FPS on this list. But if you can get a handle on Valorant you’ll find that there’s nothing quite like it.